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Why I’m Running

I grew up on a family farm in central Iowa where I learned the value of hard work. But when I was 7 years old my father was killed in a farming accident. The basic social safety net, especially social security survivor benefits, is the only thing that kept my family afloat. That experience formed my outlook and ideology from a young age; it’s why I’m a Democrat. I believe that we are all better off when we help each other move forward.

My campaign is all about service to the people of Iowa and to our country because my entire career has been about service. After a 23 month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I returned home and worked with Joe Biden as his veteran’s director, and in 2010 President Obama appointed me to a position at the Pentagon. While I was working there I saw first-hand how dysfunctional this Tea Party Congress is. My time growing up in Iowa and serving in the military taught me that we do our best when we all work together. I am running because it is time that our government works for everyone, not for special interests and Washington insiders.

We need a congressman who will put the priorities of Iowans ahead of the Washington Insiders and party politics. We need someone who will protect Social Security and Medicare and preserve these vital services that keep our seniors out of poverty. We need a congressman that will work to raise the minimum wage and create a more balanced economy that rewards workers, not CEO’s and Wall Street bankers. We need to protect unions and workers’ rights to come together and stand up for themselves. I am running to protect women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions and will stand with Planned Parenthood. We need a congressman who will work to ensure that equal pay for equal work is the law of the land and that women are paid the same as men who work in the same job.

I am running to continue my career of service to Iowa, and to build an economy that provides an opportunity for everyone who works to get ahead and build a future for themselves and their families. Please join my campaign and together we will win the 3rd district and move our country forward.

  • Jim