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Jim Mowrer Fundraising Exceeds Previous Quarters Combined, Outraises Young for the Second Time

October 15, 2016

Bolstering New Polling Numbers That Puts Third District Race in a Statistical Dead Heat, Mowrer bests Opponent for Second Time in Quarterly Fundraising Totals

Today, the Mowrer for Iowa campaign filed its Federal Election Commission report for its final third quarter fundraising totals. Having raised $638,212 this quarter, the campaign exceeded its totals for the previous two quarters of the year combined. With an average contribution of $111 per individual, the campaign has seen support swell, bringing in nearly $1.6 million since the beginning of the election cycle.

The support seen in fundraising coincides with the increase in support revealed in a new poll that puts Mowrer in a statistical dead heat with incumbent David Young. The poll, released on Friday and conducted by Greenberg Quilan Rosner for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), shows Mowrer having virtually eliminating Young’s lead, falling within the margin of error and showing the incumbent with less than 50% support, a bad place for any incumbent to be with early voting already underway.

“Our campaign is riding a groundswell of strong grassroots support and deep frustration across the Third District with our opponent’s actions in Washington and his continued support for Donald Trump, even after the Republican nominee’s lewd comments about women and sexual assault,” stated Andrew Mulvey, Mowrer Campaign Manager. “David Young may have a lot of special interest money, but veterans, seniors, women, and Iowans from all walks of life are showing that they want Jim Mowrer to be their next Congressman.”