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AUDIO: Young Defends Trump & Appears to Dismiss Alleged Sexual Assaults

October 31, 2016

Shamefully Defends Trump’s Actions as “Personality”

Des Moines – This morning, during an interview on WHO radio, David Young shockingly defended Donald Trump’s outrageous statements and policies. Responding to a question about Trump’s style of campaigning, Young stated:

Well, you know, everybody’s wired differently, and I tell people these are – the people have spoken, and these are the nominees.  They’re both imperfect.  We’re all imperfect in our own different ways.  We’re all going to be voting for a flawed candidate, one way or the other.  But in the end it’s not a personality contest or an etiquette contest.

This flippant response to a candidate who has built his campaign on divisive rhetoric – and who has bragged about committing sexual assault – reflects David Young’s poor judgment and his clouded perception on what it takes to be a leader and represent Third District families in Congress.

“David Young’s continued support for Donald Trump, in spite of his extreme statements and actions threatening women, show how far he will go to follow the direction of his party leaders, even when they deviate so far from Iowa values. Sexual assault is not just improper etiquette,” said Andrew Mulvey, Campaign Manager for Jim Mowrer. “The Des Moines Register made a point of noting Young’s ‘lack of conviction’ in its endorsement of Mowrer.  Young followed his leaders’ direction in voting to block women’s access to health care and voting against equal pay.

Listen to the audio clip here, starting at minute 7:30.